By: Thomas Hoover | Spring 2015 | Beta Upsilon Candidate Class

Though my experience with Sigma Nu has been short thus far, the connection I’ve made with it has been life changing. When I heard that it was National Ritual Celebration Week I began to ruminate about my experience with rituals. Rituals are defined simply as repetitious acts performed by a group. We experience rituals everyday of our lives. For instance, taking the bus to work everyday or even brushing one’s teeth are rituals, simply repetitive actions. So if these monotonous tasks can be considered rituals what makes Sigma Nu’s ritual special?

Purpose. Without purpose ritual means nothing. There I was in a room surrounded my great men who had all gone through the same candidency ritual, each one of them took the same oaths as my fellow candidates and I. This oath is the same oath that gentlemen from the 1800’s took, affirming their allegiances to the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth. This is the purpose of ritual. It is repetitive because it proclaims concepts worth repeating. Love, Honor, and Truth have survived for generations and generations. I am sincerely honored to have been chosen to take part in these acts which have bound members together forever.