The Idea of "Ritual" #4 - Newly Initiated Brother

By:  Zachary "Wolf" Stough | MI #249 | Beta Tau Candidate Class

          Rituals are important to many organizations because of how they exemplify the ideals of that organization. Our rituals are sacred and everything means something. As a newly initiated brother, I have had the chance to see some of the ritual ceremonies depicted twice. Once as a candidate, and once as an active brother. Upon hearing the rituals a second time, I have been able to notice the small hidden points that outline what it means to be a brother and Knight in Sigma Nu.

          To a non-Sigma Nu, our ritual would have little importance. To me, our ritual is very important. The concepts brought forth in the ritual embrace the ideals of love, truth and honor, the founding principles of Sigma Nu. Our ritual is rich with these ideals and embodies the idea of what it means to be a Knight in the Legion of Honor.

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LOVE To believe in the life of love HONOR To walk in the way of honor TRUTH To serve in the light of truth