The Idea of "Ritual" #4 - Newly Initiated Brother

By: Zachary "Wolf" Stough | MI #249 | Beta Tau Candidate Class Rituals are important to many organizations because of how they exemplify the ideals of that organization. Our rituals are sacred and everything means something. As a newly initiated brother, I have had the chance to see some of the ritual ceremonies depicted twice. Once as a [...] Read more

The Idea of "Ritual" #3 - Candidate

By: Thomas Hoover | Spring 2015 | Beta Upsilon Candidate Class Though my experience with Sigma Nu has been short thus far, the connection I've made with it has been lifechanging. When I heard that it was National Ritual Celebration Week I began to ruminate about my experience with rituals. Rituals are defined simply as repetitious acts performed [...] Read more

The Idea of "Ritual" #2 - Alumni Brother

By: Christopher "Coloring Book" Winn | MI #211 | Beta Kappa Candidate Class To me, ritual is so much more than something that you recite a few times each semester. It is a feeling, a process, and something that you can experience over and over again. I still look back on my candidate ceremony when I was a first year student having no idea the [...] Read more

The Idea of "Ritual" #1 - Active Brother

By: Richard "Rugrat" Hoover | MI #235 | Beta Pi Candidate Class The idea of a ritual is an interesting concept. It's something so secretive, yet something we all know and live in our daily lives as moral human beings. People look to the ritual from either two sides - those who know, and those who don't know. In this post, I, as an active brother [...] Read more

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