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Why Go Greek?

“Joining a fraternity is way more than choosing a place to live. It is making the decision to become part of a group of men dedicated to make each other’s life in college as good as it can possibly be. Fraternities complement your life at [the University of Hartford] by offering you a very tight community. A community of brothers that will have fun with you and support you. As a result, you will make friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

See what our successful alumni are doing now because of their Sigma Nu experience!

Over half of the male undergraduate population at [the University of Hartford] has chosen to join a fraternity, as have a number of other individuals. Over 3/4ths of the US Senators and Congressmen were in a fraternity, as well as over 85% of Fortune 500 executives. And while it may seem trite to say it: All these people can’t be wrong.

A fraternity can provide a great place to be amongst people with similar interests and goals. For me, personally, there’s nothing like playing intramural sports with your fraternity team! So come take a look at the Greek system, even if you weren’t thinking you would. If you’d like to come check us out, give us a call and we’ll show you what it’s like to be part of the closest thing to a family that you’ll find at college.” 

— Issao Fujiwara
Sigma Nu Fraternity – Epsilon Theta Chapter

What makes Sigma Nu different from the rest?

We could say that it is the size of our membership, our ethical leadership program entitled LEAD, possibly our military heritage, or even our unique founding in opposition to hazing that makes us different from other fraternities. But the simple quality that sets us apart from any other fraternity in existence is Honor. In fact, Sigma Nu is the only fraternity in existence that was founded upon the Principle of Honor, and it remains so today.

How are the brothers of Sigma Nu involved on campus?

There are plenty of brothers that are constantly involved in student organizations and jobs on campus. From being a Red Cap, Residential Facilities Assistant, or in other honor societies, Sigma Nu is known around campus. Here are a few brothers and organizations that we are currently involved in:

Red Caps

  • Ali Agha
  • JB Yammarino
  • Alex Demetro
  • Mike Dacey


  • Jared Cormier

Order of Omega Greek Leadership Society

  • Thomas Hoover (Secretary)

Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society

  • Jared Cormier
  • Joe Gokey
  • Jake Smith

Hartford Rugby

  • Justin Lockhart

Resident Facilities Assistant

  • Joe Gokey

Alpha Lambda Delta

  • Thomas Hoover

Smash Club

  • Alex Demetro

Interfraternity Council (IFC) Executive Board

  • Ahmad Arabiyat – Executive Vice President 

Paintball Team

  • Alex Demetro

SCA (Student Centers Administration)

  • Thomas Hoover (Human Resources Department)
  • Ian Loveall (Building Event Technician)
  • Alex Demetro (Building Event Technician)

Hartford Lighthouse – Ultimate Frisbee

  • Aristotle Nafpliotis

Campus Tutor

  • Ahmad Arabiyat
  • Ronnie Rajeh

Red Key Society (Campus Tour Guide)

  • Mike Dacey

Unified Theater

  • Thomas Hoover

Teaching Assistant 

  • Ahmad Arabiyat

And Many More!

Why don’t my parents like fraternities?

Many parents have falsely stereotyped fraternities because of the media’s portrayal the Greek system. To fight these stereotypes, encourage your parents to research the purpose of fraternities or to visit the campus, meet members of the brotherhood, talk to local alumni, and visit our web site. It is important to understand that Sigma Nu was established to develop young men as leaders and well-rounded students.

What is Sigma Nu’s policy on hazing?

Sigma Nu has a strict non-hazing policy. Remember, our founding fathers met and established this fraternity in strict opposition to the practice of hazing. Therefore, the hypocrisy of hazing should and will never be tolerated by our National Organization.

What is the difference between a pledge and a member?

The difference between a candidate (official term for pledge), and a member are minimal. A candidate and a member are offered the same opportunities within the group. Each has the opportunity to share his opinions and ideas. Each has opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Both have the choice to become involved in other activities on campus and within the community. The real difference between the two revolves around the knowledge about Sigma Nu and its values and principles. These are things that you will be taught during your candidate period.

How can I learn more?

Have more questions? Contact our Recruitment Chairman Max Petras ( for more details, or view Nationals Prospective Members section for more information.

Fraternity Statistics

Greeks in government

  • 40 of the last 47 Supreme Court Justices have been Greek
  • 76% of all Congressmen and Senators belong to a fraternity
  • 63% of the U.S. President’s Cabinet members since 1900 have been Greek
  • All but two US Presidents and Vice Presidents since 1825 are affiliated with Greek Organizations
  • All of the Apollo 11 Astronauts are Greek

Greeks in the business world

  • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives are members of fraternities or sororities
  • 71% of those listed in “Who’s Who in America” are Greek
  • Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by fraternity men

Greek on campus and in the classroom

  • More than 7 million men and women in the U.S. and Canada are Greek
  • Over 85% of the student leaders on some 730 campuses are involved in the Greek community

Love To Believe In The Life Of Love

Honor To Walk In The Way Of Honor

Truth To Serve In The Light Of Truth