Sigma Nu White Rose Formal

"I couldn't have been more proud to be an initiate of the Mu Iota chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity the evening of the 20th Anniversary White Rose on April 26, 2014. Twenty years of an undeniable brotherhood was evident in a night filled with an electric buzz of fond memories and a glimpse of what the next generation of the chapter has in store. It was inspirational and moving to hear Rob Thorne and Scott Lambert speak about the origins of the best damn fraternity the University of Hartford has ever seen... ...and rewarding to meet all of the fresh faces that continue to exemplify the ideals and traits that Thorne, Lambert, and the rest of our founders established on campus those twenty years ago. So here's to brothers old and new, near and far, from #1 to #247, and all those future knights... thank you all for helping me remember that, if nothing else, "we've got each other... and that's a lot. for #love." #truth #honor"

-Jack Lutz MI #127 "Phonics"

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LOVE To believe in the life of love HONOR To walk in the way of honor TRUTH To serve in the light of truth