Value of Membership In Sigma Nu Fraternity

The value you gain from membership in Sigma Nu Fraternity grows during your college years and continues throughout your entire life. The leadership skills you develop as a collegian will serve you long after you graduate and the bonds of brotherhood strengthened in college will only grow stronger as you grow older. As a Sigma Nu, you will have the unique opportunity to network with a diverse brotherhood, united by the common bond of our Fraternity.

Simply put, the value of membership in Sigma Nu lasts a lifetime.


You might not associate fraternities with leadership and achievement, but Sigma Nu is proud to offer its members a four-year ethical leadership development program. Sigma Nu’s acclaimed LEAD Program (an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development) helps our members discover a new level of achievement and grow socially, intellectually and morally.

Sigma Nu doesn’t want its members to develop as leaders just to benefit Sigma Nu. Rather, we want our members to learn how to lead and then join other organizations to help those organizations become even stronger. Leadership is useless when it is kept in a bottle.

Sigma Nu also strives to develop leadership skills applicable to the world outside of college. Sigma Nu is able to do this by providing the training and hands-on experience necessary to understand leadership. When members of Sigma Nu graduate they are armed with confidence and skills to be successful in any organization. You learn skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.


Sigma Nu, above all, is a brotherhood. The friendships and memories we form here last a lifetime. Fraternity, for us, is all about supporting one another, and working together to build a powerful collegiate experience. Furthermore, Sigma Nu is not just four years, it’s for life.


Sigma Nu is an international fraternity spanning the United States and Canada with over 180 active chapters and over 160,000 living alumni. We were founded nearly 140 years ago, living our three core ideals of Love, Honor and Truth. Brothers from Sigma Nu have helped shape and change many aspects of our country today and are found in prominent leadership positions in the fields of business, entertainment, military, athletics, and government just to name a few.

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Love To Believe In The Life Of Love

Honor To Walk In The Way Of Honor

Truth To Serve In The Light Of Truth